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Tell Them!

We've written the following letter articulating the issues facing young women at Virginia's colleges. Simply fill out the form below with you're name, address, email, and select your delegate or senator; and we'll email it to them. This is your chance to make a difference!

Dear Delegate ___________:

I am calling on you to not support/vote against Delegate Marshall's proposed legislation banning the dispensing of emergency contraception, a.k.a. morning after pills, on Virginia's campuses.

Make Your Voice Heard!

Emergency contraception consists of a slightly increased dosage of the hormones contained in ordinary oral contraceptives/birth control pills. The medication is approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and is not classified by federal drug regulators as a pill that induces abortion. Indeed, the FDA has confirmed that emergency contraception cannot end or harm an existing pregnancy. Instead, studies indicate that emergency contraception works by stopping ovulation-as does breastfeeding.

Emergency contraception is necessary to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex - if a woman is assaulted or raped or no method of birth control was used.

* Emergency contraception could prevent almost 1.7 million unintended pregnancies and 800,000 abortions each year in the United States.

* The earlier emergency contraception is taken, the more effective it is. Banning distribution on campus creates an unnecessary delay. It will force students to go off campus to fill their prescriptions and, possibly, delay their ability to take the pill. The medication is only effective within the first 72-hours after intercourse.

Abortion is an issue of individual rights-a woman's right to make decisions about her life, her body, her future, and her reproduction. Please protect a woman's right to choose. Also, please vote against Delegate Marshall's misleading and misguided proposal.





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