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Our Political Standpoint

We stand for those who have been excluded by the structure of vested interests, those who work hard and pay taxes, and for people who strive for independence despite difficult circumstances.

In other words, we represent citizens, taxpayers, and consumers. We do not seek a panacea either in the free market or in the welfare state. Rather, we shall build a new road of the democratic center towards a society in which self-reliant individuals live and work together for the common good; and the government's role is limited to building the necessary systems.

Our Objectives

First of all, we shall build a society governed with transparent, just, and fair rules. Secondly, while the free market should permeate economic life, we aim for a society which guarantees security, safety, and fair and equal opportunity for each individual.Thirdly, we shall devolve the centralized government powers to citizens, markets, and to local governments, and build a decentralized society in which people of all backgrounds participate. Finally, as amember of the global community, we shall establish international relations on the fraternal spirit of self-reliance and cooperation, and thereby restore the world's trust in America.

Realizing Our Philosophy

We shall rally around us a political force capable of gaining power, present ourselves as a choice to the people, and thereby establish a government for realizing our philosophy.

The VYD Creed

"We, the members of the Virginia Young Democrats, in order to further the ideals and principles of the Democratic Party, improve our society through peaceful reform and effective government, and serve those in need in our community..."

Our goals are:

  • To support and elect Democratic candidates for public office
  • To widen and increase the interest and knowledge of young people in government and the political process
  • To train and develop young people for positions of leadership
  • To increase the role of under-represented people in our Party, government, and society
  • To serve those in need in our community



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