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To enable supporters of Governor Mark R. Warner to demonstrate their pride in his leadership of our Commonwealth, a special series of license plate numbers has been established. This special series consists of a number preceded or followed by the letter “W.” The number can be used on virtually any of the many license plate designs, such as the Seal of the Commonwealth plate, one of the school or organization plates or the standard issue type of license plate.

The charge to have a “W” plate is $10, which is paid to the Department of Motor Vehicles AFTER THE PLATE IS ASSIGNED AND WHEN IT IS ACTUALLY ORDERED FROM DMV. There is an additional charge for the various license plate designs. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT ANY MONEY WITH THIS FORM!!!

We realize that some of Governor Warner's supporters might like to have a specific plate number or an especially low number. Unfortunately, it is impossible to guarantee a specific plate number can be issued, but if you have such a request, state it on the application and if it can be accommodated we will certainly do so. Please understand if that plate number is unavailable we will issue another number to you.

If you would like to have a Virginia license plate that demonstrates your pride as a supporter of our Governor, please complete and submit this application. You will be notified of the number assigned and given instructions on how to obtain the plate.

Click Here For a Richmond Times-Dispatch Article Discussing Gubernatorial License Plates

Click Here For The Application



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