LaBeca awards first scholarships

Since 1996, Kris Amundson and her daughter Sara have visited Honduras to work in a home for abused and abandoned girls. This year she and two other women founded LaBECA Womens Scholarship Foundation. Bringing education, compassion and assistance to women and girls in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In mid-July, LaBECA awarded it first three scholarships to enable three young women to realize their dreams of education. Pictured above are Jensy Maldonado, Julia Ortiz, and Ismelda Cruz, the first three recipients. They are joined by founding LaBECA Directors, Anne Reed, Kris Amundson & Joanne Newton.

Kris with girls from Our Little Roses, a home for abused and abandoned girls, in Honduras

The three girls are residents of Our Little Roses, a home for girls in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Each of these girls is from a situation of dire poverty and was placed at the home by the state. Jensy will use the money to further her education in dentistry; Julia is studying technology; and Ismelda will attend the Holy Family Bi-Lingual School.

The purpose of LaBECA is to provide educational opportunities for low-income women and girls in Central America, South American and the Caribbean. Women selected to receive these scholarships have demonstrated both a high commitment to education and a genuine need for the grants. For the older girls, we expect that they will make a contribution toward their own education, through seeking other scholarships and/or part-time work. The LaBECA Scholarship funds are available primarily to fund tuition expenses, but may also be used for books or other incidental expenses that enable the recipient to attend school.

LaBECA (which in Spanish means "the scholarship") was founded out of the recognition that it is often difficult for young women, particularly those who are disadvantaged, to realize their dreams for education and a stable future. At the same time there are many studies which show that the education of women has a material impact on the economic and political stability that countries strive to achieve.

It is our dream to help as many young women as we can to break the cycle of poverty and despair. You can see from the smiles of the young women above what a difference it makes to Bring Education Compassion & Assistance.