Legislative Successes

I am pleased that a number of my legislative initiatives were enacted this year. Some of the key bills include:

HB 1835, which will make it a crime to intentionally misinform voters about their polling place, the time or date of the election, or their voting status. In a democracy, voting is our most precious right, and this legislation will make sure we continue to be able to exercise it.

HB 2218 may have received more publicity than any bill I have ever carried! This is the bill that will once again allow homeless shelters to serve home-cooked food to hungry people. The bill passed both houses unanimously and has already become law.

HB 1836 makes it clear that condominium associations and homeowner organizations cannot prohibit people from flying the American flag.

HB 2837 will strengthen students' understanding of our nation.s first president. The Department of Education will work with school divisions to ensure that on February 22, George Washington's birthday, students will learn more about this great American.

HB 2838 was part of Governor Kaine's transportation initiative. Because funding for maintenance has been one of the biggest causes of increasing transportation costs, this legislation will help the Executive Branch and the General Assembly make better and more accurate plans for meeting maintenance needs.